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Cola BBQ Sauce

Cola BBQ Sauce

New Flavours After hatching the idea to make Cola Chicken Wings after buying the Jack ‘n’ Cola Rub from Angus & Oink, the only thing to do was attempt to create a BBQ Cola Sauce. I am not massively expereinced at creating my own sauced. I have cooked a few BBQ sauce recipes from cook…

Voodoo Q Bristol

A Night at Voodoo-Q Bristol

A Night at Voodoo-Q Bristol Voodoo-Q – A Lovely Surprise! So this weekend I was staying down in Bristol. My initial thought was to try out Grillstock or Spitfire Barbecue, but I had a quick chat with Nathan from KungfuBBQ who suggested trying out Voodoo-Q. I owe that man a big thank you! I checked out…