Bacon Wrapped Halloumi & Chorizo Toasted Sandwich


Who doesn’t like a Toasted Sandwich!?!

I have had the Petromax Sandwich Iron for a little while now and have tried a few different toasted sandwiches, with varying results. The team from Petromax suggested wrapping the bread in bacon! So that is 2 components sorted; the bread and bacon. Sounds like a pretty good start.

We were going to stick some halloumi on the firepit but had the idea to make a Halloumi sandwich and throw in some leftover sliced chorizo. This is how the idea of the Bacon Wrapped Halloumi & Chorizo Toasted Sandwich was born.

The Preparation and Cook

This cook took place when I was away for the weekend in a delightful cottage in Herefordshire. It was a ‘back to basics’ place but in an absolutely idyllic setting, with a firepit outside. It was my first time cooking on a firepit, which basically was lit for the whole weekend.

I was cooking on a tripod with a hanging grate for the most part but for this cook, I cooked directly in the logs.

The preparation was pretty simple. In the bottom half of the Petromax Sandwich Iron, I added 2 slices of bacon. Next, the first slice of bread was added, followed by the Halloumi and the Chorizo, before adding the top slice of bread. Finally, I wrapped the top part of the sandwich in 2 more pieces of bacon before adding the top part of the Sandwich Iron and closing it.

To cook I just placed the Sandwich Iron on the logs and cooked for around 12 minutes before removing. I did have a quick check after about 5 minutes but decided to cook them a little more.

The Verdict

This toasted sandwich was absolutely delicious. My brother and I initially shared one, and as we both took a bite, we just smiled at each other nodding our heads. It really did work well. Suffice to say a second one got made for us to share.

If you own a Sandwich Iron, I would really recommend you try this. However, even if you don’t I think the combination of Halloumi, Chorizo and Bacon really work so is something that is worth playing with on other dishes you may cook – could be good as a burger!

Bacon Wrapped Halloumi and Chorizo Sandwich

This toasted sandwich was off the scale in terms of being tasty. Even if you don't own a Petromax Sandwich Iron you should try this flavour combination.
Servings 1 sandwich
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Total Time 17 minutes


  • 8 slices Back Bacon (smoked)
  • 4 slices Halloumi
  • 10 slices Chorizo
  • 2 slices Bread


  • It is really simple to make this toasted sandwich. Start by adding 2 slices of bacon (or enough to cover the bottom of the sandwich iron) and push it down to tightly cover the surface.
  • Next add the first slice of bread followed by the Halloumi, Chorizo and second slide of bread. Now wrap another 2 pieces of bacon around the top of the sandwich before adding the top of the sandwich iron and sealing.
  • Place the sandwich iron directly onto the logs and cook for around 7 minutes before turning, and cooking for a further 5 minutes on the other side. Before you fully remove check how well done the bacon and cook for longer if required.
    Bacon Wrapped Halloumi & Chorizo Toasted Sandwich Cooking
  • Once the bacon is cooked to your liking, remove it from the heat and open the sandwich iron. Carefully, remove the sandwich (be careful as it will be really hot!) and slice then enjoy!!!!
    Bacon Wrapped Halloumi & Chorizo Toasted Sandwich
Course: Lunch
Keyword: Chicken Sandwich, Petromax, Toasted Sandwich


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