BBQ Fuel Dome (Vortex)



The BBQ Fuel Dome (Vortex) is a BBQ accessory that claims to enable you to cook on your BBQ in a variety of different ways:

  • Indirect: low and slow cooking
  • Indirect-Direct: High Heat Indirect Cooking
  • Direct: High Heat Searing
  • Infrared: Radiant Heat

The BBQ Fuel Dome is primarily designed for a kettle BBQ. To-date I have not tried all the methods above but I have primarily used to cook

BBQ Chicken Wings on an Indirect-Direct heat and also Beer Can Chicken using Infrared.

The BBQ Fuel Dome is made from high grade brushed stainless steel. I have had mine for 9 months and much of the time it is exposed to the elements but still looks and works great.

The manufacturers’ website provides more detail on the BBQ Fuel Dome.

The Results

If I am honest I was initially a little dubious about the BBQ Vortex. How could this conical shaped piece of metal help me cook BBQ? However, I have been really impressed with how it performs.  I have used it mostly to cook BBQ Chicken Wings which it excels at. It keeps the chicken moist and because it is indirect heat, albeit a high heat it still crisps the outsides up really nicely. I also add a wood chunk directly onto the coals in the Vortex to create some additional smoke. This method would work well with any type of chicken.

Chicken Drumsticks on the Vortex

Using the Indirect-Direct method, the Vortex basically creates a really high funnel of heat that deflects against the BBQ lid and then is channelled down onto your food. You are recommended to rotate the BBQ lid to ensure that the heat distribution is consistent due to the positioning of the vents in the lid.

Every time I now cook wings I use the Vortex so pleased I am with the results.

With the Beer Can Chicken the BBQ Vortex was again very effective. It makes it a dead cert the chicken will fit in your kettle but I am not sure it enhanced the end result any.

The Verdict (so far)

I am really glad I added the BBQ Fuel Dome (Vortex) to my BBQ collection. The fact it helps cook chicken wings as well as it does makes it worthwhile on its own. My family now look forward to them, where previously they would not eat wings, which speaks volumes. With the Beer Can Chicken, the main advantage is being able to fit a chicken on your BBQ.

I am yet to try Low and Slow together with Searing but I think both will work well. I will update this review once I try the Vortex with these methods.

Overall, I think the BBQ Vortex is a great accessory. A really simple concept and design but definitely one that works.

If you own one I would love to hear your thoughts on the BBQ Vortex.

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