BBQ Rosti, Pastrami and Egg


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Breakfast or Brunch!

Sometimes it is nice to have something a little different. This simple BBQ Rosti, Pastrami and Egg dish makes for a great breakfast or brunch (or to be honest you could do it for lunch).

The Preparation and Cook

What I like about this dish is there is relatively little preparation. I actually cooked it using the Charbroil Gas BBQ, so that made it even easier.

Basically, all you need to do is peel and grate the potatoes, and add your seasoning. It is then a case of getting on with the cook. I also used my new Petromax FP30 Skillet to cook this. It’s a fantastic size for doing something like this. If you have a plancha that would also be great.

To shape the rosti, I used a couple of cake rings and then carefully removed them before I placed them in the skillet. The egg was cooked in a cake ring that had been oiled before putting it on the skillet and the pastrami just got cooked on the warming rack.

The Verdict

For such a quick dish this tasted great. I was tempted beforehand to try a chilli jam or chutney but I don’t think it needs it. This is one that will definitely get repeated.

BBQ Rosti, Pastrami and Egg

This Rosti, Pastrami and Egg recipe made a super quick and simple to make brunch. Would be equally good as a breakfast or a light lunch.
Servings 1 Person
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes


  • 200 g King Edward Potatoes
  • 1 large Egg
  • 3 slices Pastrami
  • ½ tsp Salt
  • ½ tsp Smokey Brae Garlic Rub (optional)
  • 2 tbsp Rapeseed Oil


  • Peel and grate your potatoes into a container. Squeeze the grated potatoe to remove some of the moisture from them. Next add to a bowl. Add the salt and (optional) rub and mix together.
  • If you want to shape them nicely, spoon the potatoe mixture into a cake ring. The ones I have are about 3.5cm in depth. As a guide you want to half fill them. You don’t want to make the rosti too thick as you want is cooked all the way through.
    If you dont have a cake ring, just shape into a ball and gently flatten out.
  • Add your skillet to the BBQ, and get it to a cooking temperature. Add some rapeseed oil (this is more for the egg) and then add the uncooked rosti.
  • Cook for 5 minutes and then gently turn them over. On the inside of a cake ring, brush it with some oil and then add to the skillet. This is to help stop the egg sticking to it. After 2-3 minutes crack the egg into the cake ring. At this stage also add your pastrami and close the lid.
  • After a further 2-3 minutes everything should be ready, so remove everything from the BBQ and plate up.  I did rosti on the bottom, a later of pastrami, another rosti, alyer of patrami and then the egg.
    Rosti with Pastrami and Egg


Before trying to remove the egg run a sharp knife around the cake ring to help loosen any bits that may have got a little stuck.
Course: Breakfast, Lunch
Keyword: Cast-iron, Egg, Pastrami, Petromax, Rosti

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