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Shin of Beef: My New Nemesis

A few years ago, I had a real challenge with cooking Beef Cheeks. It took me a few goes to finally nail the cook to my liking. It felt great once I got there and now I cook them without a 2nd thought.

I think I have found a new meat challenge! I cooked (loose description) a Shin of Beef yesterday and it really was as tough as leather boots!!

The (First) Analysis!

When I smoke meat, I typically have a method I now follow. I smoke the meat until it hits 160°F and then wrap and/or braise taking the meat to 207°F. This method works for me…..or did!!!!

The meat was cooked at a pretty low temperature (235°F) throughout the cook. I then lifted it to 250°F when it was wrapped. The cook took around 10 hours in total. For the meat to come out so bad has confused me. To be clear, by bad I mean inedible.

The other thing I didn’t do was any research or reading about cooking the Shin of Beef. I am a bit embarrassed on this one, as I have written articles preaching how preparation is key when cooking. A BIG fail for me here!!! The learning for me is, no matter where I think my cooking is, preparation is not optional.

So the cook was bad but the first positive is I was only cooking for me….no pressure to feed family or friends.

The second positive is that it has given me a bit of a kick up my backside about not being blasé when I cook.

Finally, I am looking forward to conquering another cut of meat. I will get to eat ‘perfectly cooked’ Smoked Shin of Beef with Smokey Mash Potato over the winter!!!

If you do have any tips feel free to send them over!!!

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