Inspirational Cooks: January


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Inspirational January Cooks

As I doomscroll through my social media I come across so many cooks that make me pause and admire. I am constantly looking for inspiration and something new to cook, or a different way to cook. We are in the midst of winter in the UK, with dark mornings and evenings, but there are still some amazing cooks being produced. Below are a selection of the ones that caught my eye in January.

Dexter Beef Burger by Kung Fu BBQ

Dexter Beef BurgerNathan has been around for years on the UK BBQ scene cooking up amazing-looking dishes. He has fantastic photography skills too that bring his food to life. He cooked up this tremendous-looking burger using the burger kit from lakelanddexter – it looks like something out of a photoshoot!!


Jerk Snapper Tacos by The Northern Grillers

Jerk Snapper TacosI love tacos, I love quick, I love fish so what is there not to like about this Jerk Snapper Tacos cook!?! I love the cooks from The Northern Grillers. It is so colourful and vibrant (just check out their Instagram profile). For this cook there is a nice reel to follow along with and some clear instructions if you are going to give it a go. I know I will be!!!

Chicken Balmoral with Peppercorn Sauce & Haggis Stuffed Mushrooms by BBQ Hound

Chicken BalmoralBBQ Hound is must follow BBQ account. He cooks so many varied dishes on the BBQ, which always look great. This classic cook was in celebration of Burns Night in Scotland (something I forget every year!!). I am definitely sticking this one in the diary for Burns Night 2025. A winner!!


Curry Fried Chicken with Chilli & Lime Mayo by The Smokin Elk

Curry Fried ChickenThe Smokin Elk has become a BBQ legend in the UK. His cooks from around the world that he undertook a few years back absolutely blew me away. Daily cooks, many dishes and ingredients I had never heard of and they looked superb. The dish looks equally as good with a great reel showing how Dan put this together.


Neapolitan Margherita Pizza by Dough and Behold

Neapolitan Margherita PizzaSo this is obviously not BBQ, but I am a pizza fan and love cooking my own up on the OONI pizza oven. I can only aspire to have my pizzas coming out looking like this. I love the simplicity of this one but it looks absolutely delicious. I need to keep practicing and maybe one day I’ll get there.


Rotisserie Brazilian Mayo Chicken by Markie Q BBQ

Rotisserie Brazilian Mayo ChickenMark is one of my favourite BBQ cooks. He is always trying new techniques when cooking, and I love how technical he gets with his cooks. He tries new things whilst feeding the family and from what I can see they love his food. He is worth a follow on either Instagram or Twitter. This chicken looks superb. Another for me to try soon!


Mushroom and Corn Satay by Genevieveeats

Mushroom & Corn SatayI love the food cooked by Genevieve Taylor. Her cookbooks are brilliant and she is definitely the queen of cooking vegetables on the grill. She has put together a cracking reel for this Mushroom and Corn Satay recipe. An inspirational cook for January and another one for the list to get planned in.


Duck Legs in a Sour Yellow Tomato and Lime Broth by Jay Porter

Duck LegsThis cook really did stop my doom-scrolling in its tracks and just wowed me! The colours are just unbelievable and I want this now. It looks so vibrant and would be a perfect dish for summer, but something tells me it is a perfect dish for winter. Jay has put a great write-up in his post so this one will get tried over the coming months.


Rich Oxtail Ragu by Sue Stoneman

Rich Oxtail RaguSue is another one of my favourite BBQ cooks. Her food always looks so wholesome and delicious. She is also the queen of baking on the BBQ. You should take a look at her profile to see some of the amazing cooks she has produced. I always fantasize about cooking the ultimate ragu but never quite nail it. This one had me drooling.


Soy-Ginger Salmon by Barbecue Marq

Soy-Ginger SalmonAnother cook that stopped me dead in my tracks. This dish just looks beautiful and cooked on a grill you don’t see every day of the week. Marq has some amazing cooks on his Instagram but also check out his website.

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