Plancha Cleaning


I’m So Lazy

I own a plancha for my Weber Go Anywhere and it really has been a game-changer for me. You can read my thoughts in the review here. Whilst it has taken the Go Anywhere to the next level, I can be a little lazy when it comes to cleaning it.

This winter the Go Anywhere got dumped in the shed with the plancha plates inside. I dug it out in Feb and unfortunately, the plancha plates looked a bit of a mess. This can happen easily, especially if the environment they are being stored in is a little damp or even worse some water had got onto the plates and had not been dried off properly.

Time for some plancha cleaning.

Get Down to the Cleaning

Although I did this on the plancha for the Weber Go Anywhere, the steps below can be applied to cleaning any plancha on any BBQ. Also, remember you only need to do one side of your plancha as the heat will take care of the other.

Step 1

The first thing to do is light your BBQ and once your coals are ready place the plancha onto the BBQ and leave for around 30 minutes. This will allow the plancha to heat up and will make removing any debris much easier.

Step 2

Take a paint scraper and gently starts to scrape away the rust and previous seasoning that is flaking. I would advise you wear gloves for this part. Try to be patient and take your time as the more you get off the better result you will get when seasoning later on.

Scraping the Plancha

Step 3

Give the plancha a squirt with some water. Again, do this with gloves and be careful as it will instantly generate some steam. Then take the paint scraper and again give the plancha a good scrub. By this point, you should find that most of the rust and previous seasoning has been lifted off. You won’t get it looking perfect here but don’t worry too much, as when you season the plancha again it will cover any really tough to remove stains.

Step 4

Once you have got the majority of the rust and old seasoning off it is time to season them again. I use rapeseed oil and applied 3 rounds until I had that lovely black glossy seasoned finish.

Seasoned Plancha

Step 5

Look after them this time, so you don’t need to go through steps 1 to 4. PS. That was a note to myself!!!

If you don’t own a plancha and are interested in one I would highly recommend Smokerig Planchas. They also have a great guide on how to season a plancha.

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