Russian Skewers


A problem cured

I really enjoy a good kebab cooked on the grill. Whether it is skewered meat, fish or veg the charred taste from cooking on a BBQ is amazing.

However, cooking with normal skewers has the food sitting directly on the grate. It often sticks and when you try to rotate the skewer, not only is it hot to handle but they typically rollover to a side that is already well charred.

I learned about Russian Skewers from Nathan (@kungfubbq), who has some awesome recipes on his website ( They are a total revelation (that applies to Nathan’s recipes and the Russian Skewers) – simple but makes such a difference when cooking.

What are Russian Skewers?

Russian Skewers are long, thick skewers that easily span the circumference of the 57cm Weber Kettle BBQ. They are 70cm long, flat-bladed, with twists towards the handle loop so that it is easy to position them exactly how you want them. They are commonly used in cooking across Russia, the Baltic, and Scandinavia, often in Shashlik restaurants.

There are a few things that I love about cooking with these:

  1. They are not directly on the grill. I actually cook with these without any grate. They have a distance between the coals and I can still put the lid of the BBQ on and create a smokey oven environment;
  2. They really help with an even cook. It is really easy to make sure you can get the meat in the position you need. There is no trying to balance the meat on one side for it just to roll back to a ‘done’ side;
  3. They don’t need to be watched over every minute they are cooking, which I find I do with the thinner, shorter skewers.
  4. With the thinner shorter skewers I find I cut meat and veg to a small size. With these, I cook larger chunks which I much prefer. It makes it easier to cook and not fully dry out the meat.

Where to buy Russian Skewers

The best place to buy these from is Manchester Vacs. For 4 long skewers, it will only cost you £7.99, which is my view is a total bargain. You can buy them on Amazon for nearly double the price but it is from the same company, so if you don’t need Prime delivery you know where to buy these.

These are a great quality item and will really help you in cooking any food you want to skewer. They help in the overall cooking process and will help guarantee a better end result. For £8 it is a no-brainer to own a set of these Russian Skewers.

Own a set? I would love to hear your opinion.

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