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Introduction to Spice Club

Back in June, Liam from Pit Pro Limited, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying their Spice Club subscription boxes. For £9.95* a month, each month they will send you out a main rub, a second rub to make some sides, recipe cards, and a bag of woodchips to match the rubs for that month.

When reading more about Pit Pro I liked the overall sentiment that came over on the site. Liam is obviously someone who loves his BBQ, and I think the concept he has come up with here will help different people, with different levels of BBQ experience, expand their repertoire.

*there is currently an offer that you get a free Smoking Box when you subscribe.

So What’s in the Box

In each box, you receive a couple of rubs (100g and 45g respectively). You will also receive some woodchips, which vary each month, and some really well-written recipe cards. These include detailed instructions on putting the dishes together.

Pir Pro Welcome Pack

In the first box, you will also receive some additional welcome information about Spice Club, together with some guides on setting up your BBQ.

There has been really good variety in each box so far:

  • In the first box, was Piggy Stardust, which was a rub for Pork
  • In box 2, was a Jerk Chicken rub (together with a great rub/spice for rice)
  • Finally, in box 3 is a rub designed to go with beef, aptly named Heiferdust (I’m also looking forward to using the Chimmichurri mix that came in this box)

As part of your subscription, you get access to an online portal where you are able to manage your subscription and orders. You will be able to see details of what is coming next month and pick from the back catalogue if you’d prefer something else.

You can stop your subscription at any time if you decide Spice Club is not for you.

The Cooks

I’ve done a few different cooks with the rubs and have enjoyed each one. I did a Pork Tenderloin and Pork Chop with the Piggy Stardust and made Sophie’s Slaw.  The Jerk Chicken was particularly good and I really liked the Rice and Peasy rub, which also came in that pack. It gave some great flavour to the rice which was also cooked in Coconut Milk – a great spice mix and recipe. I’m yet to use the Heiferdust in anger but have some burgers planned that these will go on.

Pork Tenderloin with Piggy Stardust

Jerk Chicken


The Verdict

I really like this concept. For £9.95 you receive 2 rubs each month, a packet of woodchips, and some great recipe cards. For those starting off who may just want to experiment with some different rubs, it’s a great way to see what you like/don’t like. I also like the idea of including the different wood chips, so again people can try different products without buying a full bag. The ‘surprise element’ of receiving the box and seeing what’s in the pack each month has also been enjoyable.

I can see this making a fantastic gift for Christmas (or a birthday). There are already some gift packs on the website supporting this option. Having some new and different rubs to play about with is always a great thing. You can follow the recipe cards provided or just do your own thing. From my experience so far there is a good variety and the rubs taste great!!

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