The Best Chicken Kebab Recipe (Ever)?!


What to cook on the Rotisserie?

Santa was kind enough to bring me a Weber Rotisserie for Christmas. I had not a chance to use it until this weekend just gone. I was so exciting unpacking and setting it up (some may call me sad) but the next question was what was going to be the virgin cook. Lot’s options available that I will be exploring in 2017.

Many of my fellow barbecuers out there who are already well versed with the rotisserie so I looked for them for inspiration. @BBQStuUK managed over 100 cooks in 2016, many on the rotisserie, and has produced some amazing cooks, but the one I had to go for was the BBQ Chicken Kebab from @DreamingOfTGL. In hindsight, this was a superb choice.

The Best Tasting Chicken Kebab ever? You be the judge!

Kelly has come up with a great but simple recipe. It is so easy to make the marinade and construct the kebab on the rotisserie skewer. The meat is solely chicken thigh which is both really tasty but also reasonably priced. I used skinless, filleted chicken thighs to make the construction as simple as possible. Stick on the BBQ and cook for around 1 hr 15 minutes and you will have a really succulent and tasty homemade chicken kebab.

This went down so well at the dinner table with most people coming back for seconds!!! Although the volume is quite large it is great to use the meat for other dishes. The meat tastes great in sandwiches or you can use it to cook up in a curry – exactly what I am currently doing.

This is a fantastic recipe and one that I think will now be a regular feature at our BBQ’s.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Kelly’s site is no longer available but you can access the recipe here.

I would really encourage you to try it – you will not be disappointed!!!!


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