Weber Go Anywhere Smokerig Plancha


My First Plancha!

Mark Quigg (@markie_q_bbq) wrote an article for this site in 2019 about the Smokerig Planchas. He cooks more than anyone I know on Planchas, owning a variety of them. After reading his review, I took the plunge on my first Plancha, which was for the Weber Go Anywhere.

I have been using the Weber Go Anywhere Smokerig Planchas for a few months now so I thought it was time to write a review.

What is a Plancha?

A plancha is an extremely simple concept. In the case of the Go Anywhere, it’s a flat sheet of 6mm thick heavy-duty carbon steel. They weigh around 10kg, so are substantial. This makes it an excellent surface to cook on, due to the thermal properties of the material. It also requires very little effort to clean and maintain.

Due to the thermal nature of the metal. It enables you to create a variety of cooking methods. You can easily create sear zones and cool zones, by positioning coals accordingly. This makes it perfect for creating dishes such as Philly Cheese Steaks and traditional American style burgers. You can create a low even heat across the surface making it perfect for pancakes.

The Weber Go-Anywhere Plancha

Smokerig offers a few different options for the Go-Anywhere. I decided I would go for the ‘Triple Action‘ which gets you 2 Half-Width Planchas & One Half Width Grate. The reason I went for this option was the different cooking configurations it would provide.

Triple Action Plancha

The ‘Triple Action‘ costs £59, which I think is great value. What struck me when opening the package was the quality of the Planchas. They are made from 6mm heavy-duty carbon steel and the finish on them was outstanding.

The next thing to do was season the 3 Planchas. Smokerig has a great article on their site which is easy to follow and takes you through the seasoning process. Basically, you heat up Plancha, apply a thin layer of oil, and repeat this process a few times. It’s pretty similar to building up a non-stick coating on cast iron. I was fascinated doing this as the Planchas slowly but surely changed to a much darker colour as I progressed through the seasoning process.


Seasoning the Plancha

Seasoning the Plancha

Cooking on the Plancha

I have used the Weber Go Anywhere Planchas for around 7 months now. The main things I have cooked are Smashburger and breakfast (sausage, bacon and egg).  It gets up to cooking temperature really quickly and then retains the heat well.

Sausage and Bacon cooking on the Plancha

Kettle on the Plancha

Egg cooking on the Plancha

Smashburger on the Plancha


It has produced great results every time I have used it. I have really enjoyed cooking Smashburgers on this and if I am honest, based on my experience to date, I have been tempted to take the plunge on a Plancha for my kettle.

If you season the Plancha grates properly you will find food does not stick. I make sure I scrape and residue as I go and I find that cleaning them is quite easy, just using hot water, similar again to cleaning cast-iron. I have re-seasoned again recently to keep the Planchas in top condition.

The Verdict

It’s probably already clear that I love the Smokerig Go Anywhere Plancha. It is a high-quality item that I think is value for money. I have used my Go Anywhere more at home since owning the Planchas. The Plancha adds cooking versatility to the Go Anywhere. You still have the original grate, but with the Plancha, it extends the type of food and methods you can use with the Go Anywhere BBQ.

The one thing that may put people off slightly is the weight of the grates and carrying these away from the home. This for me has not been an issue as they will fit inside the Go-Anywhere, so everything is still very compact with just some additional weight added to the Go Anywhere.

Overall, a fantastic product that has got me tempted to buy other versions.

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