Weber Go Anywhere Smokerig Xtender Cooking System Review


The Xtender Makes a Good Grill Even Better

The Smokerig BBQ Xtender Cooking System is an ingenious accessory that significantly expands the capabilities of the popular Weber Go Anywhere portable grill. Constructed entirely from durable 304 stainless steel, this British-made product exudes quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

I’ve been after something like this for a few years. The Weber Go Anywhere is a fantastic portable grill. The addition of the Xtender, and some of the optional extras, provide portable versatility in terms of the varied cooks you can produce. One of the most appealing for me is the ability to do rotisserie cooks, which I absolutely love.

Smokerig kindly sent me one to use and together with Mark Quigg we have put some thoughts together on the Xtender.  Spoiler alert – we both really like it!!!

The first thing that strikes you as you start putting this together is the quality. It feels great! I’m no stainless steel expert but this does feel like a great piece of British manufacturing. This is further highlighted as you place the Xtender on the Go Anywhere and see the precision fit.

What do you get?

There are several different options that Smokerig offer:

  1. Xtender3: 3-level cooking adding 200mm to cooking capacity. This expanded vertical space allows for accommodating larger cuts of meat, stacking multiple racks or skewers, and experimenting with diverse cooking techniques.
  2. XtendeR: This includes the end plates and motor bracket which allow for the use of a rotisserie, which does not come supplied, so you will need to source this separately.
  3. Xtender+: Comes with both enclosed cooking system plates and rotisserie end plates, which I think brings the best value as you can do both low ‘n’ slow cooks and rotisserie cooks, providing maximum flexibility.

The optional heat deflector plate is a game-changer, enabling true indirect cooking within the fully enclosed cooking chamber. This precise temperature control is ideal for low and slow smoking or achieving perfectly tender results on larger proteins.

There are other options available including custom engraving if you want your own branded version.

Setting Up the Xtender

The Xtender comes ‘flat-packed’ but is a cinch to put together. The main body consists of 2 side panels and then 2 end-plates. In my case, I was using the Xtender+ so have 4 end-plates but they are easy to identify. Once you have the 2 side panels and end plates screwed together it is so sturdy. It is a little bit of a pfaff to switch the end-plates. This is due to the small wing nuts that hold the end plates in place. These do provide a better fastening, ensure rigidity and maintain the ability to collapse the kit, but due to their size, you need to focus on what you’re doing as they are fiddly. Larger wing nuts were tested by Smokerig, but they impeded the shelf positioning and it’s important to get a tight join. Saying that it takes only a couple of minutes to switch the plates around.

Once assembled and placed on the Weber Go Anywhere you will be amazed how precisely this fits. It speaks to the overall manufacturing quality of the Xtender and feels like it belongs on the Go Anywhere!

Key Features

We have touched on some of the key features of the Xtender but the key ones included:

  1. Three Cooking Levels: The Xtender adds three additional cooking levels to your Weber Go Anywhere, providing a total of 200mm extra height in the cooking area. With this expanded space, you can accommodate larger cuts and experiment with various cooking techniques.
  2. True Indirect Cooking: The fully enclosed cooking area ensures precise temperature control, making it ideal for smoking and longer cooks. There are probe holes in the body if you want to use wired probes. The optional heat deflector allows for true indirect cooking, resulting in perfectly tender and flavorful dishes.
  3. Rotisserie Option: The Xtender comes with a rotisserie bracket, allowing you to fit your own rotisserie spit. Imagine roasting whole chickens, juicy kebabs, or succulent roasts right on your portable grill.
  4. Durable Construction: Made entirely from 304 stainless steel, including all fittings, the Xtender guarantees long-term durability. It’s corrosion-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and built to withstand the rigours of outdoor cooking.
  5. Designed and Manufactured in the UK: Proudly crafted in Staffordshire, UK, the Xtender reflects quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Versatile Cooking

I haven’t had the Xtender for long but I cannot stress enough how much versatility I think it gives. I’ll be keeping up this page with cooks that both myself and Mark have done on the Go Anywhere using the Xtender (and deflector plate) so you can get an idea of the different cooks this will give you when on the move. To date, they have included:

The Verdict

Like most products from Smokerig, it will be no surprise to read that I love this. Already with the limited number of cooks I have done, this is a game-changing addition for the Go Anywhere. From doing the simple Chicken Kebab cook using the Russian Skewers to Rotisserie Chicken, the Xtender made it so easy to control the cook.

If you own a Weber Go Anywhere, this is a great addition to expand your cooking options. I can see myself using my Go Anywhere more at home now. I typically only cook for 2 people, and the Xtender allows me a versatility of cook that I normally use my kettles, gasser or ceramic for.

The Xtender is designed to keep the Go Anywhere portable. The plates don’t fit inside the Go Anywhere, but they still collapse pretty flat and in a similar footprint to the Go Anywhere. It collapses easily using the wing-nut which you can just tighten with your hands (i.e. no tools required). It keeps the Go Anywhere as a viable travel option, as opposed to lugging mini Kamados down the beach.

In conclusion, the Smokerig BBQ Xtender is a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking to maximize the potential of their Weber Go Anywhere grill. It delivers unparalleled versatility, precise cooking control, and exceptional durability, making it an invaluable addition to any portable outdoor cooking arsenal.


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